For as long as i can remember, i had always been an active child. From riding motorbikes and horses, to playing tennis and swimming, my passion and love for fitness and being active was very well known to those around me. Growing up, my career aspirations were focused on becoming a Veterinary Nurse. I have always and will always LOVE animals!

By the age of 20, id succeeded in my goal and was a qualified veterinary nurse working full time on the Gold Coast. 

In early 2014, I experienced some of the most difficult life changing events that i would never have imagined. This had lead me to experience feelings of anxiety, PTSD and insomnia. In order to help manage and improve my mental health, i decided to join the local gym and get a personal trainer. It was during this time i had built a strong need and want for focus, drive, motivate and achievement. The self empowerment and sense of self control and growth was incredible. Not only had i started to look better from the outside, but i was feeling a lot better on the inside. Now i'm not saying that the gym is the answer to all of those who experience similar feelings, but for me, it was a major part of developing a newer, bigger and better version of myself. I then proceeded to become a qualified personal trainer and aim to share the passion and love for fitness that i have experience, with other people who wish to better themselves inside and out. I am currently a competitor in the bodybuilding industry and i have a major love for strength training and educating. This journey of mine is still continuing as i still actively work as a veterinary nurse and a Personal Training and living out both of my most incredible passions. 

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